About Us


Northbridge Computer Technologies & Consultants is well established company in provision of excellent ICT services and supports. Currently the company has 5 employees including 4 ICT engineers. Since it was established   the company has provided ICT services and supports to many organizations and institutions. The company mission is to increase ICT applications and improve working processes in organizations.  Creating customer/clients trust is our key in giving maximum customer/clients satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is simple – we refuse to compromise when it comes to quality. We set our standards high and then we aim to surpass them. We do this by investing in the continuous improvement of our products and services by building a team that is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that we exceed the power needs of our customers.

Our Goals

At Northbridge Computer Technologies & Consultants we develop standards and set goals that help contribute to our success and your satisfaction. These are the goals that we have set for ourselves:

  • To be available for our customers when they need us.
  • To build lasting relationships they can rely on.
  • To connect with new business and continue to grow into the new century.
  • To continually enhance our services with a knowledgeable and friendly support staff.
  • To create a trouble-free experience for our customers.

Our goal is success. And success for Northbridge Computer Technologies & Consultants means listening to our customers, understanding their power needs and then working to find solutions that satisfy these needs.

Our Difference

The difference is the people. Our staff works together at every stage so that no detail is left unchecked. Working as a team, Northbridge Computer Technologies & Consultants is meticulous and thorough, knowledgeable and friendly, talented and innovative. Our dedication to streamlining the production process means that we can deliver quality products efficiently.

 Our Operation

Our customers have played the work to a close we are also able to give them a chance to express their views without any hesitation, we love them so much, we have also worked with the company and all partner Tanzania and outside Tanzania.

 The Team

Members of Northbridge Computer Technologies & Consultants have a combined knowledge of 7 years in the IT Solutions arena. Professional Qualifications such as CA(SA), BCom, BSc Degrees, with experience of extensive IT Development and Management, makes this team one of the few eligible professional players in the IT Solutions Field.