Taking care of your Computer

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Taking care of your Computer

Tips for taking care of your Computer

Here are some simple steps to keep your laptop or PC in tip top shape. Some of these may sound like common sense, but accidents happen all too easily.

1. Allow plenty of airflow. If a computer gets too hot, it can fail to work properly.


Too much heat makes for slower running time, and can burn out the computer. If you are using a laptop, it’s recommended that you get a fan mat. This helps to draw out the hot air, especially if you aren’t using the laptop on a flat surface. If you are using a regular desktop, make sure that you have plenty of space around the tower to allow it to ‘breath’ and let the cool air in and hot air out.

2. Keep liquids away from your computer.


Common sense, right? Believe me, it’s too easy to accidentally spill your coffee/water/tea on a moments notice. If you can’t keep your liquids away, then at least use a cup with a lid.


3. Clean with compressed air.

duster compressed air

Never use regular cleaning products or liquids to clean your computer. Using a can of compressed air helps clean all the dust out- which can also help to insulate the heat inside.

4. Don’t eat around your computer.

Don't eat around your computer


Crumbs from the food can become lodged inside the keyboard keys, becoming an invitation for small bugs and bacteria. In addition, the crumbs can ruin the circuitry.

6. Don’t stack heavy items on top of the laptop.

stack heavy items on top of the laptop

These can damage the screen, and the inner components.

7. Never lift the laptop by the screen. Always hold it by the base.

Never lift the laptop by the screen

Trying to carry the laptop by the screen side, can damage not only the screen, but the components inside. This can make for a costly repair.

8. Don’t leave your laptop in your car.


Not only is this an invitation for a thief, but cars can experience rapid changes in temperature, damaging the components inside.